Assessor’s Office


The Assessor's Office strives to place fair market value on property and has no authority to adjust the spending level of schools and local government.


Our mission as the Fremont County Assessor's office is to provide the best experience to those who reside within our county, to do it professionally and efficiently, and to dedicate ourselves to serving you at our best ability. We strive to be fair and accurate with all tax assessed property values while also complying with Idaho statutes, rules, and guidelines, put in place by the Idaho State Tax Commission and the International Association of Assessing Officers.

Duties of the Assessor's Office 

  • Assessment notices are sent out early June and market value reviews and questions are heard and attended to through the fourth Monday in June. Actual tax bills will be sent out in November based on new tax levies.
  • Providing and accurate, equitable, and fair assessment based on market value on all taxable property within Fremont County.
  • Establishing assessment values of the current year by basing those assessments on the collected market data that lies within the dates of January 1st through December 31st of the previous year.
  • Assisting with applications of different exemptions and property relief programs, including Disabled Veterans Property Tax Reduction Programs.
  • Maintaining correct and current ownership records of all the properties in the county.
  • Gathering data by appraising all properties based on a five year cycle plan and documenting said data on all characteristics and descriptions of all the parcels within county boundaries.
  • Mapping of all property boundaries in the county and platting of all new lots and subdivisions.
  • Representing the Idaho Transportation Department through the Department of Motor Vehicles by the registering and titling of vehicles.


Property Tax Exemptions

Idaho has two property tax exemptions available to people who own and live in their home in Fremont County full-time. Contact the Assessor's Office to apply or visit the Idaho Tax Commission website.